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With over 20 years of combined experience in airline research our m1nd-set directors are among the world’s leading experts in the field.

They have been involved in airline satisfaction benchmarks since the launch of GAP (Global Airline Performance) in 1999, now replaced by Airs@t and have consulted with most of the world's major airlines and aircraft manufacturers on subjects such as customer satisfaction, new services and products, pricing strategy, staff and crew bonding, advertising strategy and campaign effectiveness measurements, frequent flyers programs, alliances strategy, and demand forecasts, to name a few.

Whatever your research challenge m1nd-set knows this industry better than any other agency and enjoys immediate access to passengers thanks to its network of airport interviewers and its database of travelers.

travel retail

m1nd-set is the leading agency in travel retail for market analysis and consumer insights. Our strength lies in providing clients with tailor-made research, analysis, actionable results and recommendations.

m1nd-set has conducted a significant amount of qualitative and quantitative research studies around the world over the past few years in different research areas and retail categories, both in Duty Free and Duty Paid.

Retail operators, as well as prominent global brands from the Tobacco, Alcohol, Perfumes & Cosmetics and Food & Confectionery categories have conducted research projects with m1nd-set. These include travel retail shopping motivation & behaviour, mystery shopping, brand awareness and evaluation, price elasticity (conjoint surveys), promotion effectiveness, observation of shoppers, travel retail exclusive product testing, segmentation surveys, customer satisfaction and employee bonding, among others.

m1nd-set is also an official research partner of TFWA, APTRA and MEADFA, as well as DFNI and TRBusiness, and conducts research for the principal travel retail organizations on a regular basis.

m1nd-set is regularly invited to speak at the leading travel retail conferences, including:

  • TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes
  • APTRA/TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore
  • APTRA/KPMG Insights Seminars around Asia Pacific
  • MEADFA Conference in the Middle East
  • ASUTIL Conference & Exhibition in South America
  • IAADFS Conference & Exhibition in Orlando
  • DFNI Conference in Europe
  • Nordic Travel Retail Seminar in Scandinavia

airport advertising

Measuring multiadvertising campaigns that run simultaneously in several airports across the globe can be challenging.

Thanks to its expertise in this specialized domain and valuable access to flyers (see airport interviewers and database of travelers) m1nd-set has met this challenge on numerous occasions. Over the years m1nd-set has measured a multitude of advertising campaigns (pre- and post-tests) and can assess the key indicators of effectiveness in light of previous similar research findings.


m1nd-set is renowned for it’s unmatched expertise in travel research.

It is simply a part of it’s dna.

It has built its outstanding reputation on:

luxury products

A long lasting expertise in the watch industry coupled with years of interviewing frequent travelets in the world’s busiest airports has naturally led the m1nd-set team to become acounted with luxury goods research.

Purchase motivations, brand equity, segmentation, usage and attitudes, client satisfaction and mystery shopping are the main domains in which we can share our expertise in this sector.

high-end consumers

m1nd-set is interviewing cabilities with wealthy target groups in leading economies worldwide is unique.

The m1nd-set team has experience in interviewing high-net-worth individuals (hnwi) from around the world with the following profiles:

m1nd-set is able to reach these high-end consumers thanks to its access to over 60 airports worldwide, where these wealthy individuals are frequently available for interviews of between 15 and 20 minutes. These generally take place at the departure gate before passengers board the plane. m1nd-set people have developed a network of specialized interviewers who are excellent at approaching and interviewing this unique target group with a high participation rate.

business to business

The extensive network of expert interviewers we have put into place to interview high-end consumers is extremely efficient for conducting business to business research.

m1nd-set has an excellent track record of high response rates among middle to top managers and can provide excellent resources for successful business to business research.